ipod death

After 2 years of faithful, daily service, providing my ears with a storehouse of sermons, lectures, interviews, podcasts, and some music–my ipod has breathed its last. This sudden death occured yesterday at 12:34pm. Looking back I now see that there were some early warning signs–but none of it prepared me for this sudden loss. Even though our relationship lasted for only 2 years, my ipod and I were quite close. We spent time together every day.

Today I’m in mourning.

Soon I’ll be heading out for an afternoon trail run. The reality is already sinking in–today I will be running alone–no ipod strapped to my left arm.

I think I’ll spend today’s run brainstorming and praying about how I can begin a relationship with a new ipod. Since I’ve been using my ipod nearly every day for 2 years, I’ve found it to be of immense benefit to be able to listen to quality preachers and teachers (and a handful of music artists) as I jog, drive, and handle various mundane tasks (taking out the trash, filing, cleaning, etc.). I really do believe that this little piece of technology has helped me grow as a pastor, teacher, preacher, and blogger.

Therefore, I think it’s important that I enter into a new ipod relationship very soon. I’m going to take a look at my bank account and take a look at the ipod discounts that are out there and see what I can do. I think this is the way my departed 4th generation click wheel 20GB ipod would’ve wanted it.

If, by chance, you’re involved in a dysfunctional ipod relationship and you’d like someone else to befriend your neglected pod, I’m open to adoption proceedings. Donations will also be accepted, just make sure to note that your check is given “in memory of JB’s loyal 4th generation pod.”

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  1. Buzzboy,
    So sorry to hear of your loss. It makes me appreciate that my second generation sermon/music conduit is still alive and kickin. I hope that listening to my first sermon was not the beginning of the demise of your running partner.

  2. This just in: my Jewish South African Step Father In-Law has, after mourning this tragic loss along with me, shown astonishing kindness and offered to buy me an new ipod.
    You should know that my beloved Jewish South African Step Father In-Law is the one who bought me my original ipod as a Christmas gift 2 years ago. I think he feels my loss as acutely as I do. And I think he also feels the joy of this blossoming new ipod relationship just as strongly. :)

  3. Have you determined the cause of death yet? I just bought April an ipod for Christmas and would hate to perform a coroner’s investigation on it in the next year.

  4. Justin! I feel you pain! But I’m so excited that you will be getting it replaced! This little techno toy has been a huge help to me as I listen to sermons, music and podcasts! Hope you love the new one!

  5. The 19 of January in 1957 was the day of my Bar Mitzvah! I received many presents but not an iPOD! Enjoy yours on this important day.

  6. Having just arrived for a long overdue grandson visit, I wish you well in your new ipod relationship, and I can’t help but question if your ipod also doubles as earplugs to muffle Cru’s cries???? Suzanne, aka GiGi

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