Buzzard Sabbath

Two months ago my wife and I began keeping a weekly Sabbath. For the last two months our work lives have shutdown at sundown on Friday. From the setting of the sun on Friday until the setting of the sun on Saturday, our family unplugs, puts work aside, and enjoys 24 hours of play, rest, laughter, and praise.

For 24 hours I don’t create, write, or produce.
For 24 hours my wife abandons chores, errands, and her to-do list.

Implementing this Friday sundown shutdown is proving to be one of the most radical and rewarding decisions I’ve ever made. I’m now experiencing a rhythm to my life that I’ve never known before. I’m entering my work week with more energy and enthusiasm than before. I’m working harder and resting/playing harder than ever before. The vast value of the Sabbath, a value that I’m just beginning to explore and experience, is now slowly seeping into and refreshing my walk with God, my marriage, and my ministry.

Friday sunsets have become sweet to me–a something to look forward to. And what I look forward to most is the vivid, visceral reminder of the One who’s really at work in my life–the One who’s really in control. What an idiot I am to have waited until my 28th year to begin enjoying a 3,500 year old command.

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  1. Justin, so glad you are expereiencing what God intended for us through taking a Sabbath. I love my Sabbath on Monday’s. I continue to pray for our Peninsula culture in this area. Through a Sabbath rest God restores our dignity, brings life into perpespective and reminds us who we are, His.

  2. Hey – that’s awesome, Justin! I have been observing the biblical (seventh day) Sabbath for 12 years and it has had a tremendous impact on my walk. What better object lesson in how to rest in Christ than a weekly day of complete rest? And what could be more awesome than 24 hours of uninterrupted time with God and the ones we love?

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have stumbled upon your blog from time to time. This post is very encouraging and has me thinking more about how I spend my sabbath. Do you recommend any books on the subject? This is one of those areas that I have been meaning to really develop a biblical perspective on but have yet too.
    Thanks again brother!

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