An Emotional Goodbye

Unfortunately, my pickup truck is not the best vehicle for newborns. Apparently you’re supposed to put your kid in the backseat of your vehicle and, well, my truck doesn’t have a backseat. I’ve seen this day coming for a while now and it has finally come–today I sold my truck.

Today, as I sold my truck, I wore my Arctic Circle T-shirt (look closely) in honor of the occasion. In August 2004 my wife and I took an epic 30 day road trip in this truck: driving from the Bay Area of CA, through Oregon, Washington, and Montana, up through the Canadian Rockies and 3 Canadian provinces, and into Alaska–including driving 400 miles along the dirt road Dalton Highway, across the Arctic Circle, and right up to the shores of the Arctic Ocean. For 30 days we slept in the back of my truck where we had a small mattress and the down comforter from our bed back at home. We spent our 1 year wedding anniversary in the back of that truck–Day 10 of the trip to be exact, the same day we first crossed from Canada’s Yukon Territories into Alaska.

It was the trip of a lifetime. We drove just about 18,000 miles that month, saw beautiful country, backpacked in remote mountain ranges, and had many encounters with grizzly bear, moose, caribou, wolf, fox, and Alaskan salmon. And though this certainly speaks of the greatness of my truck (guess it’s not my truck anymore–handed over the pink slip 2 hours ago), this tale speaks more to the greatness of my wife–a woman who actually found great joy spending 30 days trucking and trekking through Alaska with a husband who would’ve spent 300 more days trucking along through the wilderness if he could have.

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  1. Just get a 4Runner or a Highlander and it’ll be like your Tacoma only with a back seat. And, plus, Toyotas will run forever, all you have to do is change the oil.
    Sounds like an awesome adventure. Your are very lucky to have a wife that likes the great outdoors. My wife would love to find a way to get into the car without actually having to go outside.

  2. How many showers did I take that month? One, two. Count them. Two. One at a restaurant in the middle-of-nowhere Canada (we begged the restaurant owner to use her shower). Another in the home of a “friend of a friend of a friend” upon whose doorstep we appeared one August day (she didn’t have a telephone, so we couldn’t call ahead). She kindly offered us a room for the night, and one more hot shower. What a month! Loved it, great memories. A ONCE in a lifetime trip. =)

  3. my story intersects with that of the buzzard truck when i remember how many times the 2.5 inch wide michelin on the front of my bike hung proudly over the tailgate of that man-sized vehicle on the way to Hidden Treasure. Or when the cops caught us camping in a Monterey parking lot before the Sea Otter Classic downhill race, forcing us to escape to the hills for a few hours sleep on the side of the road. RIP truck. you will be greatly missed, and the next trail Buzz and me ride together will be in your memory.

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