Help For My Jaw?

About a year or two ago I realized that I carry stress in my jaw. When I’m stressed, my jaw can get pretty tight and sore. It seems that now things are to the point where my jaw can be tight even when I’m not stressed. And, there’s this other thing going on where apparently I grind my teeth at night which has been wearing down the enamel on my teeth and has, as of a few months ago, required me to wear a mouth/teeth guard deal at night.

This has all been quite annoying.

What I’m wondering is this: if any of you have dealt with a tight jaw or have knowledge in this area, do you have any advice you can give me on how to loosen up and take better care of my jaw?

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  1. Justin,
    I did some research for you, and I found that anti-inflammatory drugs (such as aspirin) may help to losen the jaw. In addition. Physical therapy is sometimes helpful if the stiffness persists. However, if these options fail, there is always WD-40. Hope this helps.
    In Christ,
    James Gordon

  2. My wife Jill uses a mouthguard for the same reason. Makes her morning breath something fierce, but helps keep her teeth in place. the doc prescribed a pricey mouthguard, but she just slips over to Big 5 and buys a cheapy. Sometimes it feels like I’m kissing a linebacker goodnight.

  3. Justin are you a caffeinated Christian.
    If so you might want to have your last dose at 3pm. If you drink a lot of coffee in the evening it might be the reason your grinding your teeth at night.

  4. Justin, the last post gets to the problem I think. This is suprisingly common in people, you might be surprised to hear how many people grind or clench their teeth. Cutting caffeine out helps and replacing it with things like chamomile tea before bed etc. Convince Taylor to give you a massage before bed each night. I find tons of exercise helps.

  5. I think you guys are right about this being TMJ. I don’t like TMJ. I need to fix this. Right now I’m simply trying to focus on relaxing my jaw throughout day.

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