Stanford 24, USC 23

Sp_stanfordfootball112Last night’s Stanford vs. USC game was one of the most exciting football games I’ve ever watched. It was certainly the biggest upset in college football this year and one of the most significant college football upsets of all time. I was on the edge of my seat the entire game. I hope you didn’t miss it: Stanford 24, USC 23.

I enjoyed listening to quarterback Tavita Pritchard give God the glory for Stanford’s win. It seems to me that one of the only media avenues in which Christianity receives any airtime or exerts any influence is in sports. Many of us are praying that the gospel would begin to more greatly transform and renew the television programs and movies coming out of Hollywood. I’d love to see that, but I’m increasingly appreciating the airtime given to athletes like Tavita Pritchard, Randy Couture, and others to testify to God’s glory and Christ’s sacrifice.

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  1. Biggest upset? What about App. St. knocking off Michigan. As a Michigan State alum, I loved seeing the Wolverines take that hit.

  2. App. St. was 1-AA. Stanford’s at least been in the big league for a while.
    From another Midwest/East Coast-biased football fan…

  3. Hey Justin,
    Tavita is a strong Christian…and its been so neat to watch he and Mike become so close because of Christ. Thanks for all the support, I think Mike can’t stop smiling….
    To God be the Glory!!!

  4. As a resident Cal fan, I must admit that it’s always fun seeing USC knocked down a few pegs, even if it’s at the hands of Stanfurd. However, I agree that Appalachian State was the bigger upset this year.
    Go Bears!

  5. Well…I took much pleasure in the fall of USC. Coupled with the Fighting Irish finally getting on the board and Florida going down again, I would say this was a really good weekend of football. I know, I know…Notre Dame is going to get smashed by USC. That’s fine. ND is young and inexperienced so it will be a couple years before they grace the polls again. But they will be back.
    As for the biggest upset, I agree with Justin that this game is a bigger upset. Appalachian was a big surprise, but they do have a history of winning even if it is in I-AA. Stanford hasn’t won anything in a long time. I bet Appalachian would put the hurt on the Cardinal as well.

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