Tim Keller, Mental Health

“Some say that calling yourself a ‘sinner’ is emotionally unhealthy. Oh, no. It is emotionally unhealthy not to call yourself a sinner…To be able to say ‘I am capable of terrible things, but I am unconditionally loved,’ is the epitome of mental health. It is the gospel that gives us that. The gospel gives us the freedom to admit who we are when the information comes, to see where we need to change, to know ourselves.”

-Tim Keller, Did He Die for You?, Journal of Biblical Counseling, Spring 2007

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  1. Justin,
    I definetely agree with this! When I work with both Coaching and Counseling Clients, the #1 bad sign is when a person feels it is a weakness to admit their sin and failures. They then spend their time defending their position and actions, which leads to little growth, defensiveness, and a limited ability to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice.
    Thanks so much for sharing this importance quote.

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