1 Great Way to Love Your Neighbors & Build Community in Your Neighborhood (Even if You Live in A Cocoon)

That’s the floor plan to our condo. Now when you come over you’ll feel really at home.

If I could show you a full schematic of the Brittan Heights development here in San Carlos, you’d see both that this is a great place to live and, that like most condominium developments, this is an easy place to “cocoon.” For most people, condo living is cocoon living–after work you crawl into your condo cocoon where you relax away your evening in complete isolation from the neighbors cocooning next to you, above you, and below you.

Throughout our 1 1/2 years of condo living here, my wife and I have been thinking hard about how to better get to know, love, and build community with our neighbors in a neighborhood without front yards, porches, sidewalks, or natural meeting areas. Last year my wife came up with a brilliant idea: throw a party for our neighbors.

Last year’s party went off swimmingly. Neighbors who’ve lived/cocooned here for 15+ years conversed with each other for the first time and commented on how this was the very first get together our little neighborhood had ever had.

Tonight we’re hosting the “2nd Annual Wine & Cheese Block Party” for the 12 condos in our unit. Tons of people are coming. We’re really looking forward to it. You might want to consider doing something like this for your neighbors/neighborhood. To get you started, below is the invitation we sent to our neighbors (minus true addresses):

The 2nd Annual Wine & Cheese Block Party
for the residents of Brittan Heights 777 & 778

Date:     Friday, February 1

Time:     6-8 pm

Place:     The Buzzard Home
777 John Doe Drive, #7

Who:     Residents of 777 & 778
(Feel free to bring a guest.)

RSVP:     tbuzzard@yahoo.com

What to bring:

Your favorite cheese or a bottle of wine to share.
If you can’t bring anything, no problem! Just bring yourself.