Manly Wisdom from a Vet to a Rookie

A few hours ago I brought my family of 4 home from the hospital. Taylor and I are simultaneously exhausted and having an absolute blast with our two boys. Watching our 23 month-old son, Cru, interact with his 2 day-old brother, Hudson, has been hilarious and touching.

While checking email this afternoon I came across a “keeper” email from a good friend and elder at my church, a veteran father charging this rookie father with wisdom for the days ahead/the rest of my life. I’m so thankful for having men like this in my life, men who will call me out as a husband and father and challenge my selfish bent.

I think many men would benefit from the wisdom/reminder in this email, so below I’ve copied the main body of the email. I’ve put one portion of the email in bold as it provides an application question that I hope, by God’s grace, to ask myself regularly.

…I am adding a prayer for your marriage, clearly more stress and pressure will be applied with two young ‘uns and all the great stuff you are involved in.

We talk about being “intentional” all the time, over the next year you are really going to have to be intentional in putting Taylor’s needs ahead of your own. She will be 24/7 putting the needs of two boys ahead of her wants, desires and needs…that’s the just the way it is in this stage with multiple kids….so she is going to desperately need someone to pamper her and put her first…prioritize her.

Guess what that is YOU :) I know this sounds kind of like a raw deal (I mean who is going to be pampering Justin?). But this is the Biblical model. Christ laid down his life so that He could present the church (bride) blameless. I think as men we have that same challenge, we need to be building into our wives by serving them, meeting their needs, putting them first in all things…that’s how we lead them to a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Fight the very human desire to want something for yourself. When those thoughts come try and transfer it to, “how can I take something off of Taylor’s plate today?”.

I know this may sound a bit brutal in lieu of all you have going on….but God made you strong for a purpose, He gave you an abundance of gifts for a purpose, and He has provided many friends to pray for you all for a purpose…