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Love Your Pastor: Reformer’s Feasts

Love your pastor.

Last night two men from our church, Jacob Habache and Ronnie Inzunka, treated Taylor and me to a feast (photo above). They bought us great food and spent the evening caring for us, encouraging us, and praying for us (and talking theology with us).

Jacob and Ronnie do this for us 4x a year.

Jacob and Ronnie have been doing this for us for several years.

Jacob and Ronnie call these times “Reformer’s Feasts.” I don’t know why they call it that, but I like it.

Taylor and I really looking forward to these gatherings. We always come away from them refueled and refreshed. We treasure our friendship with Jacob and Ronnie. We’re amazed that they’ve chosen to love us like this.

Is there something new God might be calling you to do to love the pastor/pastors in your church?

31. March 2010 by Justin Buzzard

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  1. The joy is all ours. Jacob and I do not view it as treated the Buzzards in as much we are treating ourselves to “kairos” time well spent with this Godly young and mature couple. As is typically in the case with God, in particular while trying to serve our pastor and spouse Jacob and I are the ones who come away feeling blessed. More than sharing a good meal the conversation is seasoned with grace, sprinkled with the Spirit, marinated in God’s love, all as an offering (prayerfully – acceptable and pleasing) to our Lord.

  2. Kairos = “a type of time that has to do with the significance of daily experience, and the wonder of the present moment. It is transcendent reality invading earthly reality, eternity revealing itself in time, the extraordinary manifesting itself in the ordinary. We exist in chronos; we long for kairos. We perform in chronos, but we truly live in kairos” (especially in times joyfully spent with the Buzzards).

  3. Wait, wait, wait… Blue Moon and Tim Keller on the same table!? Come on! That’s fantastic!

    Jacob and Ronnie: God bless you for being who you are and caring for JBuzz and Taylor in such a beautiful way.

    My address is… Just kidding.

  4. Love Your Pastor: Reformer’s Feasts:
    Love your pastor.
    Last night two men from our church, Jacob Habache and Ronn…

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