The Mount Hermon Bookstore

I’m spending this week at Mount Hermon. If you live in the Bay Area you need to visit the Mount Hermon Bookstore. It is, by far, the best Christian bookstore in the entire 8 million person Bay Area, probably in all of Northern California.

My good buddy from seminary, Todd, is the buyer for the bookstore. For the past few years he’s made sure this isn’t  your typical Christian bookstore filled with precious moments figurines. This is a store stocked with solid books.

Visit the store.

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  1. Hi Justin! I read the Blog “Go to Where Your Men Work” right now (a link from a german site) and I was impressed how you work! So different like at us in Germany. I like this way working and if I would be a pastor I would try it (I’m a software engineer). But these a good thoughts and maybe they can help me (or my pastor) somehow. Incidentally: I’m 31 years old as well :-) Marcel – a guy from Germany

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