The Man Problem

James Dobson writing in 2001, Bringing Up Boys, p. 54:

…we as parents are raising the next generation of men who will either lead with honor and integrity or abandon every good thing they have inherited. They are bridges to the future. Nations that are populated by largely immature, immoral, weak-willed, cowardly, and self-indulgent men cannot and will not endure. These types of men include those who sire and abandon their children; who cheat on their wives; who lie, steal, and covet; who hate their countrymen; and who serve no god but money. That is the direction culture is taking today’s boys. We must make the necessary investment to counter these influences and to build within our boys lasting qualities of character, self-discipline, respect for authority, commitment to the truth, a belief in the work ethic, and an unshakable love for Jesus Christ.

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  1. Amen Bub. I am the father of three girls and have been praying for their relationships leading to their husband since they were born. I have high expectations for the boys who will become the men in their lives. A godly generation of parents (my generation) seems to be diminishing with parents who want to be their kids friend leading to the kid being the decision maker rather than the parent. I value my wife as God’s daughter and expect that the boys who care to spend time with my girls value them as my daughter but ultimately God’s daughter foremost. I teach my girls by example how a man treats a woman and I pray that they understand and will choose a man who understands his accountability to God.

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