Gus (Augustine) David Buzzard is Born!

Yesterday we celebrated the 2nd birthday of my middle son, Hudson. TODAY my 3rd son was born.

Taylor and I arrived at the hospital at 2am. By 4:54am we were holding our new son. He’s 6 pounds., 12 ounces. and 19 1/2 inches of studliness.

His name is Gus (Augustine is the name on the birth certificate) David Buzzard. We’ve named all 3 of our sons after adventuresome, godly men who are heroes of ours.

Augustine is a man who has influenced me in significant ways. And my late grandfather was named Gus, a man who was saved in his 30s and who was the best grandpa a boy could have (he’s also the one who first introduced me to the Bay Area, he began taking me here when I was a small boy). And, David is my middle name, a name my parents gave me in honor of King David.

My 3 sons are a gift from God. Taylor and I keenly feel the blessing and responsibility God has given us. Through the months and years ahead, when you think of us, please pray that God would give us grace and wisdom to raise our 3 boys to be brave, gospel men. And, in the short term, pray for our sleep and sanity as we now have 3 boys under age 4!

Here are a few pics taken right after Gus was born (UPDATE: I’ve added a few family pics from late morning today). We are very tired and need some rest. The last time we pulled an all-nighter was in college.

There are 2 main ways people pronounce the name “Augustine.” The pronunciation of our son’s name rhymes with “Justin”.

Welcome to the world Gus (Augustine) David Buzzard!

PS. A number of dads around the world have contacted me for more information about the “My 3 Sons Club.” Now that my 3rd son is here, I intend to formally start the club. It is a club for fathers of 3 sons that will involve athletic competition, secret handshakes, theological rigor, the turning of boys into men, cool looking insignias, and perhaps cigar jackets. The first honorary inductees into the club are Dan Palmer and Toby Kurth, two long-time buddies of mine whose 3-son fathering is exemplary, though my 3 boys will easily dominate their 3 boys in athletic bouts.

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  1. Congrats, brother! Great name, and I’m happy with how you’ve chosen to pronounce it! And I know how much my approval means to you. ;) Seriously, congrats to your family. God is good to give you another blessing.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! I knew it! I dream about it last night! I was praying for you all in my sleep! The LORD is good…He reveals. Take care of mommy and baby and boys! =) May the LORD’s blessings be upon you always!

  3. We rejoice with you !! Thank God for the safe and healthy arrival of Gus! And for Taylor looking so healthy too ! God bless you all ! With love from the DiMartino family !

  4. Grandson Gus is a LOVE……Justin, I really like your idea of “My Three Sons” club. Taylor did a fantastic job of carrying and delivering. Love,

  5. So wish we could come and see you guys@Sequoia, although Matthew will probably not enjoy visiting that place due to not so good memory of that day. I’m jealous and so happy for you at the same time. What an awesome family! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  6. He’s perfect! and all the boys look great! Now you guys need to treat mama like a Queen! good job Taylor… congrats to all!

  7. yeah buzzard fam! so excited to get the news! baby gus is precious! hope you guys are doing well! look forward to more adorable pictures! love cru and hudson’s visible excitement too:)

  8. Awww…adorable! GOD bless you precious Buzzard Family. You all are in my prayers. (P.S. By the way, great idea about the “DAd & 3-boys club”. How about “”mommies tea time club” then?;)

  9. Congratulations Justin. As someone who has three young children my humble advice would be: whenever you’ve got the chance to take a nap, do it. ;)

  10. Congratulations Taylor and Justin. What a joy. We had three boys and then four years later we had a girl. She is now 31 and has been the joy of our lives. So you will need to try for at least one more.

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