Start a Revolt at the Idol Factory

“The human heart is a factory of idols…Everyone of us is, from his mother’s womb, expert in inventing idols.”  -John Calvin

You have a factory in your heart.

Early this morning, just like every morning, operations began at the factory. Idol production started. The conveyor belt started moving. You and I started piecing products together on the assembly line that we worship, that we put in the place of God.

Many of these products are good products (succeeding at work, making plans for the future, earning money, etc.), but we build and bow down to these products as though they can give us ultimate security, freedom, and rest. The ironic reality is that the very things we think will give us freedom become our slave masters. The idol of work success doesn’t make you happier, it makes you miserable. It takes over your life.

What’s on your conveyor belt this morning?

Something has to change at the factory.

You must be re-awakened to know and feel that you were made for God. Your restless heart will find rest only in God. You insecure self will find security only in God. Your freedom-less life will find freedom only in God. You were created to be in relationship with, glorify, and make much of God. The “ultimate” you are searching for can’t be found on the factory’s conveyor belt.

Your idols suck. God doesn’t suck.

The idols you are laboring over are sucking the life out of you. God is the only master who pours life into you.

You have to start a revolution at the factory.

The only way to fix what’s happening at the factory is to start a revolution. You have to lead a revolt. You have to blow up the factory.

Your heart has an idol factory in it and the only way to fix the factory is to blow up the factory. You have to pump your heart so full of gospel, so full of delight in God, that you blow the roof of the factory.

The problem with the factory is its low, dark ceilings–they keep you looking down, frantically producing and paying attention to your idols on the conveyor belt. If only you could blow a hole in the roof and see what’s outside, what’s above.

God is there! He is beautiful. He is good. He is on his throne. He is your first love. He is God!

Start a revolution at the factory this morning. Blow it up! Splash some cold water on your face and remind yourself of the thrill of the gospel. The gospel is explosive. Get your heart back to the good news, pump your heart full of it, blow up the factory. God is way more exciting than anything you have going on the conveyor belt.

You must understand that when you wake up in the morning (or whenever you do it) to meet with God, read your Bible, and pray, you are not doing something tame and safe. YOU ARE BLOWING UP A FACTORY!

“Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.”  1 John 5:21

“Idolatry is the most discussed problem in the Bible and one of the most powerful spiritual and intellectual concepts in the believer’s arsenal.  Yet for Christians today it is one of the least meaningful notions and is  surrounded with ironies.  Perhaps this is why many evangelicals are ignorant of the idols in their  lives…Contemporary evangelicals are little better at recognizing and resisting idols than modern secular people  are…There can be no believing communities without an unswerving eye to the detection and destruction of  idols.”  -Os Guiness and John Seel, No God But God