Garden City Church, A New Church Plant in San Jose

After years of dreaming about it (and a brief detour of thinking I was moving to Phoenix), I am now planting Garden City Church in San Jose.

I wanted to wait until the timing was right to announce this on the blog. Instead of telling you about Garden City Church in this post, you can read all about the vision in the prospectus I put together: GARDEN CITY CHURCH PROSPECTUS.

For the past month I’ve shared this document with potential core team members, financial supporters, and prayer partners of Garden City. Now I’m sharing this document with all of you who read my blog, knowing that God will lead some of you to join, give to, or pray for Garden City Church. I’m starting this church from scratch, in terms of both people and money, so I want to ask you to read the prospectus and prayerfully consider supporting Garden City Church. Your help will make a big difference for my family, for this church plant, and for the city of San Jose. The prospectus provides simple instructions for how to give.

On March 9th at 7pm (two weeks away!) we’re holding an informational meeting about the church plant at the historic Theatre on San Pedro Square, the venue where we will eventually hold our Sunday morning worship gathering. Two weeks after this informational meeting, the Garden City Church core group will begin meeting weekly (on a week night). Once the gospel DNA of this church has worked its way into us and once we’ve grown to sufficient depth and size, we will then launch our Sunday morning worship gatherings.

I am so excited about Garden City Church and the adventure ahead. I hope you are too! Please do download and read the document above.

To God be the glory.