It Takes 20 People to Lead Someone to Christ

Billy Graham once said that it takes twenty people to lead someone to Christ. The first person thinks she had nothing to do with it. The last person thinks it was all him. The work of cultivation was those first nineteen people. And if they’re not careful, they can think their effort was all for nothing.

-Ben Arment, Church in the Making

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  1. I remember hearing a statistic that individuals who are from non-western cultures need to hear the gospel at least 150 times before they can begin to understand the concept; that is not even bringing them to the point of acceptance. I see a relationship in this quote. Moreso, it makes me think about how much of the God of the Bible and Christ are communicated to me simply because I live in a western culture. I can readily drive by a church, meet a born again person, access the Bible. All of these things seems minute until they are not there. It is amazing that our brothers and sisters in these cultures become brothers and sisters at all.

  2. In Paul’s case, there were but three: a martyr, the Savior, and a prayer. The knowledge that Jesus in fact does all the leading is liberating.

  3. Wow!! That was a great quote!! And it was very encouraging! Thanks for taking the time to post it!!

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