Invest in College Students

The way to get more college students in your church is to get older adults to invest in the college students in your church. Earlier today I sent this email to our church:


Garden City,

Immediately after our service ends this Sunday I’m taking all our college students out to Rosie’s to buy them pizza and hang out with them. It’s my way of telling our college students how important they are to us. We have a ton of college students in our 4-month-old church, but this is just the beginning: many more college students will call Garden City home as the weeks, months, and years go by.

The best way to have a church full of college students is to have a church full of older adults who invest in and disciple college students. If you’re 21 or older, I encourage you to find ways to invest in the college students in our church. Did you know that some of the most faithful and generous givers in our church are our under-employed college students? Our college students are great and they have a lot to teach us. I love the passion for Jesus, the zest for life, the heart to serve, and the heart for community that I see coming from our college students.

Spread the word about this Sunday. Especially invite college students this Sunday. You’re all free to join me at Rosie’s, to come and get to know our college students better. You just have to buy your own pizza. :)

See you all on Sunday,