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Impact Your Workplace for Jesus

Yesterday I had lunch with four Garden City men who work at Apple (pictured above). These four men work in different departments of the company, but they share a sense of calling to their workplace and a burden to impact their workplace for Jesus. At the end of our lunch the men began talking about scheduling a regular lunch together to build their friendships and spur one another on in their mission at Apple. I get so excited about stuff like this.

This is the mission of our church: Making disciples to impact the city for Jesus. Some of our church members are living out their Christian lives and making an impact at the most popular company in the world (Apple). Others are doing so as teachers, baristas, lawyers, stay at-home-moms, painters, small business owners, college students, musicians, financial consultants, entrepreneurs, etc… in Silicon Valley.

Whatever your workplace, don’t just work there. Make an impact there. Make an impact for Jesus.

Pastors, read my post from 2010: Go to Where Your Men Work.

09. February 2012 by Justin Buzzard

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  3. Familiar shot. I meet there with three young guys about once a month (elsewhere on alternate Fridays). So encouraging to see you doing that kind of thing, too…going where the guys are, and encouraging them dramatically! Good going!

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  5. Hey Justin, thank you for this post. This is such an encouraging thing to read now.

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