Date Your Wife Photo Contest

Yesterday my mom sent me this picture of my 89 year-old grandpa (“Grandpa Buzz”, we call him) reading Date Your Wife. This gave me an idea for a contest.


Take an interesting, funny, bizarre, beautiful, or unique photo of Date Your Wife. The photo could be of you reading the book in an interesting location, the book placed in a unique setting, your spouse watching you read the book, etc. Your call. Be creative.

Email your photo to admin[at] by Monday, July 2nd. In the email include your name, city, a description of the photo, cell phone number, and marital status (Singles, I want you to participate in this contest too; Both men and women can enter the contest). I will post the best photos here on the website. The winner will receive a phone call from me where we will talk Date Your Wife strategy.

You have four days.




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  1. Aargh! I gave my copy away already and the new ones haven’t come yet! Hope there are some great submissions.

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