The Spread of the Gospel in the Middle East


Yesterday I had the honor of preaching the 3rd anniversary service of Redeemer Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It’s thrilling to see how Jesus is at work here in the Middle East.

Redeemer Dubai is a sister church of Garden City. We are partnered with Redeemer Dubai, praying for them and giving them financial support. We have encouraged Garden City people to move to Dubai for the sake of the gospel and to be involved in further church planting efforts here in the Middle East. Please join me in praying for Redeemer Dubai and praying that Garden City/Silicon Valley people would leave behind their Silicon Valley life and spend it in the Middle East for the fame of Jesus.

It’s amazing to see how Jesus is at work in this church and this city. Started just 3 years ago, the church has grown like crazy. It’s the most diverse church/community I’ve ever seen. In an even more concentrated way than Silicon Valley, the nations truly do come to Dubai. Yesterday I was worshiping next to people from the Philippines, Lebanon, Nigeria, Ireland, South Africa, India, America, Iran, Russia, China, Singapore, Ethiopia, Australia, Pakistan, Denmark, and beyond.