Celebrate With Your Team


Leaders, don’t forget to celebrate with your team.

On Saturday night we held our 2nd annual Leaders’ Celebration Dinner with the deacons and staff of Garden City Church. It’s a night for me to thank our leaders for what they do, celebrate all that God has done in a year, have fun together, and cast vision for what’s ahead.

Our church plant is now 17 months old and since throwing this celebration dinner last year (when we were just 5 months old) our church has doubled in size and doubled the number of Neighborhood Groups our deacons lead. It’s exciting. But for many of us, it’s all to easy to not celebrate the exciting work that has been done.

Why don’t we celebrate? Because leaders are typically future-oriented.

As leaders it’s easy to skip celebration, to keep charging the hill and moving onto the next big challenge. Don’t do that. Take time to stop and celebrate. Make celebration an important part of the culture in you church or organization.