The Real Jesus

Garden City Church is now 2.5 years old! Yesterday we celebrated Easter together as a church family. Here are a few photos and stories from the day.


Yesterday was our biggest Sunday yet at Garden City as people packed into both our 4pm and 5:30pm services to hear the good news of Jesus.


We celebrated 8 baptisms yesterday as a diverse group of people went public with their faith in Jesus. Their stories were moving and inspiring!


Among the baptisms, we had 2 husbands who baptized their wives and we had 2 sons who baptized a parent. In this picture Sameer is hugging his mom, Tarana, who he just baptized. Sameer became a follower of Jesus through Garden City and then helped lead his mom to become a follower of Jesus.


I preached about how The Real Jesus (click to listen) turns your life upside down. I also wore and introduced our new Garden City T-shirt (this is the first time we’ve made something like this). Everyone who registers and shows up to serve at our city service project this Saturday will get a free Garden City T-shirt.


Here you can see some of the Garden City kids sitting on the lawn. Yesterday 50 kids enjoyed an egg hunt on the lawn and were then taught about the resurrection of Jesus. Garden City kids are making (we think and hope) lifelong discoveries and friends in our church family.

5DMKIII_20140420_0012 (1)

Garden City is a friendly, growing family of people who are learning to follow Jesus together.

5DMKIII_20140420_0110 (1)

You are invited and welcome to join us. We’d love to have you become part of this family, and join us in our mission to impact our city. You can come to one of our 20 Neighborhood Groups this week and/or come to our 4pm or 5:30pm service this Sunday.