2 Simple Rules (Tips) For How To Use Twitter


I’ve been using Twitter for a few years. I like Twitter. This is a description of how I use it. Perhaps this will be helpful to you.

1. Follow people/accounts you can learn from.

Follow people who teach you, inspire you, challenge you, or encourage you. Some people follow hundreds or thousands of people on Twitter. I don’t. I never follow more than about 50 people because I want to try to keep up with a lot of what these people are saying. I often change some of the accounts I’m following in search of learning from new voices.

2. Tweet about two things: 1) Content you think will help other people 2) Whatever you’re excited about.

That’s it. That’s what I do.


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  1. Good stuff, Justin! We’re enjoying your Big Story book. I’m taking my high school daughters through it in morning devos. Also using some material in sermons. Thanks for being awesome, bro! God bless you and your family.

    p.s. I’m an A29 pastor in NY.

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