Don’t Worry About Your Life, Live Your Life


WORRY: (Verb) “to give way to anxiety or unease; to allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles, real or imagined.”

Beware of the growing trend of worrying about your life instead of living your life. Let’s take an initial inventory of your relationship with worry. Answer the following questions out loud in one sentence or less:

  1. What do you worry about?
  2. Why do you worry about these things?
  3. Has worry added any value or benefit to your life?
  4. How many hours have you invested in worrying so far this year?
  5. Do you want to worry? Do you like these anxious thoughts, emotions, and use of energy?

You were created to live your life, not worry about your life. Worry drains life. Worry is your enemy, not your friend. You have two options today: Keep worrying about your life OR Start living your life.

What do you want to do? If you want to worry, you’ll keep doing that. If you want to stop worrying and get better at actually living your life, I’m convinced that you’ll make progress in shedding worry from your life. You have to want it.

If you want life instead of worry, you can make meaningful progress today by making decisions to ignore worry and instead move forward in living life. You don’t have to master this today. Just make a little progress today. One or two decisions this morning or this afternoon to reject worry and choose life is all you need to get some forward movement going. The momentum will build with each specific decision to choose living life over worrying about life.

Almost done. But, first we’ve got to spend more time on the questions above. A few comments on these questions:

  1. Question #1 reveals your presenting problem areas. Detect the 1-3 main things you worry about.
  2. Question #2, if you really explore it, will lead you to the control center of your worry machine. Sit with this question. What are the reasons why you worry about these things? What do you think of these reasons? Are they good reasons? Where does this motive to worry come from in your story?
  3. Question #3 should reveal that worry is a value-loss, not a value-add to your life. Explore this specifically, how has worry drained you of life?
  4. Question #4 out to make you mad, a good mad… a mad that wants change. Imagine what you could do with investing those hours and that energy in life-giving ways.
  5. Question #5 gets at desire. You must decide what you want. Do you desire worry, or desire life?

Life > worry. Choose life.

A long time ago Jesus said the same thing:

“Do not worry about your life” -Jesus