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Quit The Sweatshop

The gospel of grace is the end of all sweatshop religion. We are saved by Jesus' sweat and blood, not our own. I think the existence of sweatshop religion can only be attributed to Satan, the Enemy of God and …

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Grace Prevents Sin

I want to make one big point here: Grace prevents sin. The more you preach grace, the freeing news that God unconditionally accepts sinners because of the performance of Jesus, the more you'll see incredible things happen in your church.…

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Would You Love Me If I Was Fat?

I recently overheard a middle aged woman ask a middle aged man a profound question: Would you love me if I was fat? It immediately struck me that this is a theological question, a question at the heart of what…

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The Single Greatest Reason To Take A Vacation

Listen to what I have to say here. I'm an expert. I'm writing this in the best possible frame of mind and at the best possible time: on my last day of a refreshing vacation that has come off the…

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Hot Monogamous Sex

Here's a paragraph from my latest article for the Huffington Post: Hot Monogamous Sex Many people (especially men) think marriage is a cage, a cage that prevents you from enjoying this kind of extraordinary sex. This way of thinking makes…

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Afraid of Grace

I used to be afraid of grace. To accept grace meant I had to first accept the depth of my sin and brokenness. It meant replacing the center of my life with God and his grace instead of me and…

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How to Become A Better Leader

I've been thinking about leadership a lot this year. Here are a few thoughts on how to become a better leader: Listen to God. Get time with leaders who are better leaders than you. Read a lot. Experience a lot.…

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That Idol That You Love, It Doesn't Love You Back

Everyone has to live for something and if that something isn't the one true God, it will be a false God--an idol. An idol is anything more important to you than God. Therefore, you can turn even very good things…

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