Life isn’t a problem to solve,
it’s an adventure to live.

Talk to Strangers

"Don't talk to strangers" might be helpful advice when you're 5 years-old. It's definitely bad advice if you're about age 7 or older. Talking to strangers makes life interesting, expands you're experiences and way of looking at the world, and gives you opportunities to influence and help others. I'd wager…

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5 Helpful Habits for Better Parenting

My mom practiced a handful of habits in raising me and my brother, habits that shaped me deeply and that I find myself naturally practicing now as a father of three boys. You may want to consider adding one, or all five, of these habits to your parenting. 1. Pray…

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2 Cups of Coffee With Jesus

Like you, I'm busy. Most days I have many demands and many meetings. I've learned that my most important meeting of the day is with Jesus. I've learned that I need to prioritize (and put on the calendar) my most important, most Life-giving meeting of the day. This is how…

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Justin Buzzard

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Justin is an explorer, pastor, and writer in Silicon Valley. Buzzard’s passion is exploring God’s world with friends and helping people live a meaningful adventure. He serves as lead pastor of Garden City Church, which he started in 2011. is where he writes about what he’s excited and curious about, in hopes of inspiring and helping others.

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