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2007 Bible Reading Plans

If you're still thinking through what kind of a Bible reading plan you might want to adopt for 2007, here are some options to consider: -my favorite I used this for 2006 (download plan at bottom of page) -the extremely…

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UFC 66

Man, I hope I get an opportunity to watch UFC 66 tonight. I've found that three of the best ingredients for preparing to preach in the morning are: 1) prayer 2) a good night's sleep and 3) Ultimate Fighting.

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Philippians Study Guide

I recently finished writing a study guide on the book of Philippians. I've titled it, "A People & A Place Transformed by the Gospel." It will be available next week.

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Top Googles of 2006

What a person "googles" can¬† tell you a lot about them. Here's Google's top googles of 2006 (divided in various categories). Most interesting/sad to me is that "promiscuous" came in as #1 in the "define" category. Google's top searches in…

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Mark Driscoll, Reverse Engineering Your Life

About 6 months ago I first listened to Mark Driscoll's talk on "Reverse Engineering Your Life." Last night, as my wife and I drove home from our Christmas stay with my family in Sacramento, we listened to this talk together.…

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John Stott, The Essence of Sin & Salvation

"The essence of sin is man substituting himself for God, while the essence of salvation is God substituting  himself for man. Man...puts himself where only God deserves to be, God puts himself where only man deserves to be." -John Stott

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