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My Wish List

I’ve finally gotten around to doing what other wise bloggers do: provide a blog link to my Amazon Wish List. Now you can click the Wish List link on my right sidebar and view the books, music, and magazines I’m “wishing” for. As you view the list, here’s two things to keep in mind (note: what you’re about to read is an utterly shameless plug directed at persuading you to buy me stuff):

1) We’ve now begun the month of December, the ideal month for gift giving.

2) If you buy me stuff, you will indirectly be buying something for yourself.

Follow the reasoning:

a) If you buy me a book, I will read that book.
b) Reading that book will make me smarter.
c) My new smarts will be reflected in the posts that I write for this blog.
d) You will read those increasingly smart Buzzard Blog posts.
e) As you digest those super smart blog posts, you will be astounded at how smart and mature you yourself are becoming and you’ll find yourself smiling with satisfaction over the fact that you made one of my Wish List wishes come true.

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