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Philippians 1:12-18

Last night at 20s we studied Philippians 1:12-18. This is an outrageous passage. It’s a comforting passage. It’s a challenging passage. As Paul reflects upon all that has “happened” to him (betrayal, arrest, beatings, death threats, imprisonment, shipwreck, etc.), he concludes:

1) that these events have “really served to advance the gospel” (v. 12) and

2) that God has overseen, ordered, and orchestrated it all–stating, “I am put here” (v. 16) from his Roman prison cell.

As we discussed these things we were encouraged by the truth that, just as with Paul, God is writing the story of our lives here on the San Francisco Peninsula, putting us where he wants us and advancing his gospel every step of the way. Just as with Paul, the “prisons” of our lives often turn out to be our most effective pulpits.

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