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The Courage to Teach

Six months ago, over hamburgers and fries, Dr. Willem VanGemeren suggested I read Parker Palmer's The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life. I'm glad I heeded the suggestion. If you're a teacher, preacher, or educator,…

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Andy Stanley, Communicating for a Change

If Andy Stanley's Communicating for a Change were the only book you ever read about preaching, you'd be left with an incomplete approach to preaching. This is certainly not a book that delivers a robust theology of preaching, that promotes…

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Justin Taylor posts a bone-chilling video clip that shows the horror we've legalized in America. I started to cry before I could even press play on the image.

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ipod death

After 2 years of faithful, daily service, providing my ears with a storehouse of sermons, lectures, interviews, podcasts, and some music--my ipod has breathed its last. This sudden death occured yesterday at 12:34pm. Looking back I now see that there…

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Now, Discover Your Strengths

As long as you read it with a gospel-centric understanding of human nature and personality, Buckingham & Clifton's Now, Discover Your Strengths is a helpful exploration of personality, strengths, and talent. I enjoyed this book. I've enjoyed how this book…

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