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Preach Jesus

"If you preach a sermon that would be acceptable to the member of a Jewish synagogue or to a Unitarian congregation, there is something radically wrong with it. Preaching, when truly Christian, is distinctive. And what makes it distinctive is…

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World Books

There are over 100 great book recommendations by Marvin Olasky in World Magazine's 2007 Book Issue.

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Religious Affection

"A person who has a knowledge of doctrine and theology only--without religious affection--has never engaged in true religion." -Jonathan Edwards

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The Most Important Thing About Us

Our 20s Book Of The Summer is A.W. Tozer's classic, The Knowledge of the Holy. It might be true to say that no other book has had a more powerful influence on my life. It was reading this book 8…

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Repentance Means…

"The New Testament word for repentance means changing one's mind so that one's views, values, goals, and ways are changed, and one's whole life is lived differently. The change is radical, both inwardly and outwardly...Repentance means starting to live a…

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37th Annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration

There's much to pray about on the Peninsula this weekend as the 37th Annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration begins today (the parade doesn't begin until tomorrow). I was going to meet up with a church planting buddy from Spokane…

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