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The Gospel is Advancing in Cambodia

Last night at 20s we hosted three special guests from Cambodia: Paul, Bonseum, and Som Oll. For the past 17 years Paul Nuth (far left) has been leading a church planting movement in Cambodia that has been aggressively advancing the gospel and changing the Buddhist landscape of Cambodia.

Last night Paul shared with us his riveting story of how he came to Christ, how he escaped the Killing Fields, and how the gospel has been advancing in Cambodia over the last two decades. When Cambodia re-opened its borders in the early 80’s after the fall of Communism and Paul first returned to his country, there were roughly 50 underground Christians in Cambodia. Today, Paul has overseen the planting of over 1,100 Cambodian churches. Our twenties crowd was deeply moved by Paul’s story of conversion, suffering, and God’s providence and his report on the progress of the gospel in Cambodia.

Paul’s ministry thrills me. Our church has found great joy in supporting Paul’s ministry. In July of 2006 I spent two weeks in Cambodia, helping put on a preaching conference/workshop for Paul’s team of church planters. And it looks as though this spring Mark Mitchell and I are likely to return to Cambodia and put on another expository preaching conference for Paul’s team.

Last year I wrote a series of posts about my time in Cambodia. You might enjoy reading some of those posts. You might enjoy beginning here, with a pictorial account of the Cambodian Genocide Museum which is located on site of what once was the main torture/killing camp in Cambodia.

And, if you haven’t seen it already, the movie The Killing Fields is a must see for understanding what happened in Cambodia.

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