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A Quest For More: 17 Big Ideas & Final Questions

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It’s been several weeks since I finished Paul Tripp’s stimulating book, A Quest For More: Living for something bigger than you. I found it helpful how Tripp stated the big idea (he calls it “the bottom line”) of each chapter at the outset of each chapter and finished each chapter with a “final question.”

Below are both the 17 big ideas and the 17 final questions of the 18 chapter book (above is the table of contents). It’s worth your time to work through this list. It’s worth your time to work through the whole book.

  1. You were created to be part of something big. What is the big thing that you are living for right now?

  2. Sin causes us to talk about more, but to settle for less. What is the “less” that tends to capture your attention?

  3. Since sin has damaged everything, God calls us to be concerned about everything. Have you treated the size of God’s grace as if it were no longer than the size of your personal concerns?

  4. Each of our lives is shaped by the war between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of self. What earth-bound treasures and anxiety-bound needs tend to control you and your responses to life?

  5. You and I are always being civilized and civilizing others into the culture of some kind of kingdom. In what ways do you try to get the people around you to follow the rules of your kingdom of self?

  6. The most dangerous thing about the kingdom of self is how easily it masquerades as the kingdom of God. In your everyday life right now, where are you telling yourself that you are living for God when you are really living for yourself?

  7. Sin causes all of us to shrink the size of our lives to the size of our lives. Has the energy of your life been expended in the narrow world of personal wants, needs, and concerns?

  8. Big kingdom living mean living with Christ at the center of everything I think, desire, say, and do. What tend to compete with Christ for the center of your world?

  9. In calling us to die, Christ is actually rescuing us from death and giving us real life. In your everyday situations and relationships, where are you finding it hard to deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Christ?

  10. At street level, big kingdom living is Jesus-focused living. What is the focus of your life’s energies and intentions?

  11. This side of eternity, there should be a dissatisfaction in all of us with the way things are. What are the things that make you groan?

  12. God calls us to the vertically interactive lifestyle of living in moment-by-moment harmony with him. Where in your life are you tempted to write your own music rather than making harmonious music with the king?

  13. Big kingdom living is all about the humility of seeking forgiveness and the grace of granting it. Do you find joy in the liberating lifestyle of seeking forgiveness?

  14. Life in the kingdom of God is like waiting for the love of your life to return. Where in your life are the “other lovers” that compete with your love for Christ?

  15. Jesus calls us to offer him everything so that we can be free from the things that have a hold on us. Whose kingdom are you making sacrifices for right now?

  16. Life in the big kingdom is all about being good and angry. Right now, where do you live every day, whose kingdom does your anger serve?

  17. True hope, the kind that will never disappoint, is never hope in a thing, but hope in a person. Where do you tend to look for daily hope?

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