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Love Your Pastor: Reformer’s Feasts

Love your pastor. Last night two men from our church, Jacob Habache and Ronnie Inzunka, treated Taylor and me to a feast (photo above). They bought us great food and spent the evening caring for us, encouraging us, and praying…

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Dominated by a Sense of God

Our culture presents us with forms of prayer that are mostly self-expression--pouring ourselves out before God or lifting our gratitude to God as we feel the need or have the occasion. Such prayer is dominated by a sense of self.…

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Designed for Glory

From the first moment of the creation of Adam and Eve, people were designed to live within the huge contours of the glory of God. We were not designed to settle for personal survival, temporal happiness, or individual success. We…

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It is in the nature of pastoral work to walk into an alien world, put our feet on the pavement, and embrace the locale. Pastoral work is geographical as much as it is theological. Pastors don't send memos, don't send…

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