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The Story of God and Man (with a Diagram)

This is a guest post by my good friend, Toby Kurth, pastor of Christ Church in San Francisco. I asked Toby to post the diagram he created for his current sermon series and to explain the series. This bookmark encapsulates…

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God is Not A Highway Patrol Officer

Every time I pass near a Highway Patrol car I instantly assume the officer is staring directly at me and that he's staring at me because I'm in trouble. This leads me to do a rapid self-assessment in hopes of…

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Preaching is a Huge Commitment

Preaching is a huge commitment. So why would anyone want to bear such a burden? Why put yourself through weekly agony with the potential for public humiliation? Any preacher knows the answer: because speaking as God's representative, an agent of…

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How David Beats Goliath

This is a fascinating read. Malcolm Gladwell, How David Beats Goliath, The New Yorker (May 2009): “And it happened as the Philistine arose and was drawing near David that David hastened and ran out from the lines toward the Philistine,”…

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