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The San Francisco 49ers’ Next Coach?

I grew up on the 49ers. I’ve been a lifelong fan. Growing up, Sundays were for church and 49ers football (in that order). Every Sunday afternoon my grandpa, my dad, my brother, and I placed bets on Sunday’s games. In those days you always bet on the Niners.

But the past decade has not been a good one for the Niners. Head Coach Mike Singletary was recently relieved of his duties, which I’m still sad about. Mike Singletary is a great guy. Five years ago Singletary’s son played on the same lacrosse team as my brother in-law (who was living with us at the time), and I enjoyed getting to know Singletary a bit at practices and games. He impressed me on TV as a boy when I watched him play for the Bears, and he impressed me in person.

The other person who impresses me is Kim Singletary, Mike’s wife. Read Kim Singletary’s excellent blog post reflecting on their transition out of the 49ers and their great faith in our great God.

Soon the Niners will decide on a new Head Coach. Most believe Stanford Head Football Coach, Jim Harbaugh, is the lead candidate. It’s been incredible to watch the program Harbaugh has built at Stanford the past four years. We live ten minutes up the road from Stanford and have made it to as many home games as possible. It’s been an exciting four years of Stanford football. I hope the 49ers select Harbaugh, and I hope Harbaugh selects the 49ers.

Today’s San Jose Mercury News states the reasons the two parties are interested in each other:

Here is why Harbaugh is the 49ers’ top candidate:

  • They feel they have a roster that can win immediately, if they find a quarterback, and Harbaugh is a longtime former NFL quarterback who has masterfully developed Andrew Luck into the potential No. 1 draft pick.
  • Harbaugh isn’t your usual college coach. He runs a physical, prostyle offense, has unique player-personnel skills and at Stanford assembled a staff filled with ex-NFL assistants.In exit meetings with their players, 49ers management was told time after time that the team needed organization and an offensive identity.Here is why Harbaugh could see the 49ers as his best option:
  • He already has achieved as much as is possible at Stanford, and Harbaugh always has envisioned winning a Super Bowl, which he did not do as a player.That apparently is what largely kept Harbaugh from accepting the bid from Michigan and what would lure him away from Stanford — the chance to win a Lombardi Trophy.
  • Harbaugh would like to stay on the West Coast and also would prefer to be in the NFC, away from potential yearly clashes with his brother, John, coach of the playoff-bound Baltimore Ravens.
  • Harbaugh cherishes the relationship he cultivated at Stanford with Bill Walsh, and loves the idea of following Walsh’s footsteps from Stanford to the 49ers.
  • With the 49ers at a very weak place — and in dire need of excitement on the buildup to a new stadium — Harbaugh can practically name his price and set up the personnel staff to his wishes.
  • Who do you hope to see as the next 49ers Head Coach?

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