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466 – 127 = 339 (Let’s Fill the Sanctuary)

Yesterday I sent the following email to my church, Garden City Church. We are now 3 & 1/2 months old as a church. Please join us in praying big for Garden City Church/Silicon Valley.

Garden City,

I moved down here to start Garden City Church with just 3 people committed to the church plant. We are now a church of about 150 adults (plus a lot of kids), so we’ve grown by 4,900%. That’s a really good growth rate.

But, I’m not satisfied. And you shouldn’t be either.

This Sunday we had 127 adults at our service. The sanctuary holds 466 adults. Do the math:

466 – 127 = 339

This Sunday we had 339 open seats, seats that could’ve been filled by people who need to hear the gospel, be discipled, and join our mission. To me, that’s unacceptable. We all know so many more people in Silicon Valley who should’ve been with us this past Sunday.

We need to solve this problem together. We need to fill the sanctuary.

I’d like you to join me in taking action to solve this problem. Let’s do 2 things together:

1. Let’s pray a 3-word prayer together: “Fill the sanctuary.” I’m praying this prayer. I’m saying, “God, fill the sanctuary. Bring more and more people into our church family, fill these 339 empty seats with people who need to hear the gospel, be discipled, and join our mission.”

2. Let’s invite people (co-workers, neighbors, etc) to join us at Garden City on Sundays at 4pm.

Our mission drives this. You’ve not just joined a church, you’ve joined a mission: Making disciples to impact the city for Jesus.

We are all on this mission together.

Let’s pray. Let’s invite. Let’s fill the sanctuary.

I love our church,

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