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Attend the Elephant Room in San Jose

Garden City Church is almost four months old. Next Wednesday we’re hosting The Elephant Room in San Jose because we want to, very early in our life as a church, hold an event that sparks important conversation, fosters thoughtful unity, and creates forward progress among Silicon Valley churches.

The Bay Area is a heavily unchurched region. We need all the help we can get out here. We need all the unity we can get out here. This past Sunday I told our church that we need to plant 1,300 churches in Santa Clara County in order to get the the 1-church-per-every-1,000-people mark that many say is the tipping point at which the gospel begins to dramatically saturate a city (and this isn’t accounting for the 33% population growth we’re projected to have here over the next 25 years).

I know some people criticize The Elephant Room, thinking this event will create disunity rather than unity in the church. I disagree. I believe that by thoughtfully talking about the elephants in the room in the American church and the unchanging truth of Scripture, The Elephant Room conversations will help advance our mission here in Silicon Valley to unite around the gospel of Jesus Christ, make disciples, and plant churches.

The Neighborhood Group that I lead at my church is putting on this event. This great group of people is doing all the leg work to make this event happen. And our group is taking the money that we’ll make from the event to bless some single moms in our community. We’re excited to kill two birds with one stone: create unity through The Elephant Room and generate money we can give to single moms.

The Elephant Room is 8 days away. You should decide right now to register for The Elephant Room in San Jose and join us next Wednesday. Come by yourself, or bring a team. BONUS: We are now able to let anyone and everyone register under the discounted student rate (just $29). If you already paid the full rate, don’t get mad at me. Be thankful that your money is making this event happen and helping single moms. If you feel bitter about having paid the full rate, invite a friend and we’ll let them in for free.


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