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Encourage Your Team

Leaders, encourage your team. The progress happening in your church, business, or organization is a result of your team. The strength of your team/leaders will determine the strength and health of your organization.

Last weekend my family and I did something memorable to encourage my team. It was also a lot of fun for my sons. We drove throughout Silicon Valley to the homes of each Garden City staff member and deacon and doorbell ditched them.

My sons and I sneaked up to each front door, left a gift at the front door, rang the doorbell, then sprinted back to our minivan and continued our mission. My sons (5, 3, and 1) felt like ninjas on a secret mission; they had the time of their lives. The gift we left was simple and inexpensive: a piece of paper with a unique drawing my 5 year-old made for each team member and a short note from me thanking each team member for their service to our church and our city.

My family and I had fun. My team felt loved. And some of these pieces of paper are now hanging on people’s refrigerators, a reminder of the mission we share together.

Leaders, encourage  your team.

PS. Don’t forget to Wine & Dine Your Team.




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