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More Isn’t Necessarily More

More isn’t necessarily more.

100 isn’t always greater than 1. I’d rather have 1 ambitious, risk-taking leader willing to fail over 100 “leaders” who accept the status quo and never fail.

4 isn’t always greater than 1. I’d rather have 1 deeply recharging extended vacation than 4 little vacations scattered throughout the year where you never really relax.

50 isn’t always greater than 3. I’d rather have 3 really close friends than 50 people I kind of hang out with sometimes.

20 isn’t always greater than 4. I’d rather study, digest, argue with, and apply 4 really good books rather than merely read 20 books.

7 isn’t always greater than 6. I’d rather work really hard for 6 days and take 1 day to completely rest than work without a full tank for 7 days.

Don’t focus on more. Focus on the more important variables.



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