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World’s Best Date Night Ideas

In the back of my book, Date Your Wife, I list 100 ideas for how to date your wife. That list isn’t specific to date nights, it’s a broad and creative list of ideas for how to take great care of your wife.

Here I want to do something different. I want you to help me create the world’s best date night ideas. This morning I was sitting on my couch thinking, “What if men and women from around the world could put all of their favorite date night ideas in one place? That would be so helpful and interesting to read.”

So, let’s create this together.


  • Write a date night idea in the comments section.
  • Include your name, city, and gender so we know the context you’re writing from.
  • Spread the word about “World’s Best Date Night Ideas” and encourage your friends to submit their ideas.

This is for men, women, married couples, dating couples, singles, everybody. The more ideas the better.

Why am I doing this? Because date nights can often grow stale and routine. I want to help change that. I think the best date nights have some element of freshness, newness, and creativity to them.

I’ll get us started and put the first idea in the comments section.

Now share your ideas and spread the word!

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