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Orphans, AIDS, and A God Who Redeems

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Evelyn Stringer is our Kids’ Director at Garden City Church. Her story is a remarkable and redeeming one. Evelyn was born and raised in Uganda, East Africa. In Uganda she was orphaned, losing both of her parents to AIDS. At the age of twelve Evelyn’s aunt adopted her and her brothers, bringing them to the states and shortly after Jesus got a hold of Evelyn’s life.

Holding a Master’s degree in Criminology, Law and Society, Evelyn most recently worked as an Investigator with the Orange County Public Defenders Office. I officiated Evelyn’s wedding last year as she married John, a Garden City deacon who I’ve known since he was a fifteen year-old punk (now he’s an amazing man of God) who was part of the youth group I used to lead back in my youth pastor days. Evelyn has a big heart for kids and I’m thrilled about how God is using her in our city. The former orphan is spreading the gospel and bringing the good news of a church family to the kids of our city.

Evelyn recently shared with me the story of her half-sister (same dad, different mom), Lydia Teera, who was also raised as part of Evelyn’s family and also orphaned when their dad and Evelyn’s mom died. Lydia has remained in Uganda all these years and now works for Wycliffe, serving as Wycliffe’s first Ugandan missionary.

Here is an article that was written a few years ago about Lydia’s story.

And here is a video about Lydia’s story and the work she’s doing in Uganda:

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