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“See You in Heaven”


I wrote this on my Facebook page earlier today:

My beautiful mom died this morning. I am going to miss her so much! She’s been the most influential person in my life. What I feel most right now is gratitude. For 35 years I’ve enjoyed the love, encouragement, pursuit, nurture, and care of a very rare mom. My mom made a huge impact with her life. She lived her life to the fullest. I’m excited that she’s now cancer/pain free, at home with Jesus. I loved my mom’s final words to me: “See you in heaven.” Man, those words pump me up! Jesus changes everything, he knocks the sting out of death.

This is a photo of our family taken on my mom’s 60th birthday, just 4 months ago. I’ll post funeral details later… Please pray for me, for my 3 sons as they process this news, my brother, and above all for my dad who has just said goodbye to his bride of 36 years.

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