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Give This Book to People


I wrote The Big Story in hopes that this would be the kind of book people would pass on to their friends and giveaway to others. I wrote this book to help people, both Christians and non-Christians, make better sense out of their life. I love what I see happening with the book: Churches are using the book as a gift to give to first time guests, people are sharing this book with their neighbors, and others are coming up with creative ideas on how to use the book.

Below is what some people are doing with the book/saying about it. You can get The Big Story on Amazon, or you can buy in bulk and get up to a 50% discount by buying directly from Moody Publishers. 


We live in a city where a lot of unbelievers visit our church. We have been looking for a book we can put in their hands that communicates the gospel in a clear and compelling way. A book that talks about the big story, but also very directly about our need for Jesus. And, most importantly, a book that makes sense to people that know nothing about Christianity. The Big Story is the only book we have found that does all of that. We are excited to be able to give them out as a part of welcoming new people to our church on Sundays. -Toby Kurth, Lead Pastor, Christ Church San Francisco

We love giving books away as resources to guests, both Christian and non-Christian alike. But admittedly, it has been a challenge to find the right one. Some books have great content, but the language can be a bit daunting for those unfamiliar with theological ideas and the Christian faith. Other books might be easily accessible to the every day person, but it has very little substance and one can imagine such a book in a box in the garage. Justin Buzzard’s book, The Big Story, accomplishes the difficult task of making a book accessible to anyone and everyone without diluting the message of the redemptive story of God. This is why we give away Justin’s book, alongside a copy of the Bible to all of our guests who are interested in a conversation on Jesus and the gospel. -Sam Shin, Lead Pastor, Wellspring Church

I have been challenged to make ministry simply a part of my everyday life, rather than something extra I do.  Exercising is a big part of my day.  I love it.  So, I combined my love of fitness with my love for Christ with a weekly community group called Mind Body Spirit.  We work out for a period of time and then learn more about the Gospel.  I had read The Big Story and I knew it would be a great place for our group to start.  Our group is made up of believers and non-believers, young and old.  The Big Story provides a framework for discussing God’s plan for our lives that is relevant to everyone who comes.  Every week we get further into the story and truths about the Gospel are re-imagined or understood for the first time.

My favorite week was when I group of high school girls came for the first time.  We had read the chapter about Creation and how God called Adam and Eve good before they even did anything.  We repeated those words over and over, imagining God speak it himself over us.  I could sense God’s spirit ministering to the mind and hearts of these girls who battle every day with the world about insecurities with their looks, school, and friends.  God’s love was shown to them that day through our discussion of The Big Story.  It is an enjoyable read for all ages that provides a depth of understanding about God’s plan for us, in an easy to read format.  -Nate Piturachsatit, Teacher, Grand Coulee, Washington

Stories tell us who we are and how to live. Our Creator knew this when He decided to tell the story of the universe with Jesus at the center. Many visitors to our local church have never encountered the good news of Jesus, and that’s why we are excited to give The Big Story as a welcome gift to all our first-time guests. It paints a captivating picture of the God of the Bible that’s accessible to all. And it helps us communicate to newcomers who we are as a church: broken people pursued by a relentless God, caught up in the story of His amazing grace. -Jeff Locke, Lead Pastor, Grace Church of Alameda

As the Connections Director at Fox Valley Church I have the privilege of interacting consistently with guests who visit our church. Every Sunday people walk through our doors from every stage of spiritual growth. About half the guests that visit are fully devoted or growing Christians who know the Gospel well. But the other half is either spiritual seekers or new believers to the faith. These seekers and new believers visit us not knowing much of anything about the Bible, what is means to be a Christian, or who Jesus is. Their worldview is often is a mix of spirituality, deism, and humanism.

This led us to look for a resource that would begin with the very basics of a Christian worldview. We needed a resource that would be rich with truth, point people to Jesus, and explain the Gospel.  But, we also knew it had to be easy to read and engage with and not get people lost with theological terminology or Christianize. The first book I picked up was The Big Story and I knew that I needed to look no further.

Justin Buzzard tells The Big Story of redemption in a way that is captivating, easy to understand, and that addresses difficult questions that our world is asking. The Big Story is rooted in scripture and illustrated with stories and examples that keep the reader wanting to know more. When reading it I knew it was exactly what we needed to help spiritual seekers and new believers understand the Gospel and how we fit in God’s story.  -Stephen Drew, Ministry Coordinator, Fox Valley Church.



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