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Leaders Need Feedback

Leaders, you need feedback. But most of us don't have it. Why? Because feedback is scary. Let me tell you the story on where this post is coming from. Last year I moved to Silicon Valley to start Garden City…

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God Is Most Glorified In Us When We Are Most Dependent On Him

Some of us have been duped into thinking that the Christian life is meant to be lived in our own strength. We're Westerners. We like to be strong. We grow up thinking that things depend on us and our abilities.…

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Jesus >

Jesus > Jesus is greater. JESUS > Sin + Fear + Guilt + Regret + Discouragement + Need + Pain + Shame + Failure Jesus is greater than sin, he took on, paid for, and beat your sin. Jesus is…

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Discipleship 101: How to Disciple a New Believer

How do you disciple new believers? Discipleship involves a lot, but one of the most important things you can do with a new believer is read the Bible with them--teaching them how to read, understand, respond to, and apply God's…

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Top 10 Reasons To Join A Church Plant

Earlier this year I wrote a post that received a lot of attention, Top 10 Reasons Not to Join a Church Plant. That post has significantly helped and protected our 44-day-old church plant. In the same spirit, I now offer…

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Steve, Silicon Valley, and Jesus

I live six miles from Apple's headquarters. Yesterday I drove those six miles to have lunch at a restaurant across the street from Apple with an Apple engineer who is part of our church plant. I was impressed by this…

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Stay In Charge of Your Reading

If you like to learn and read, it can be easy for your reading to get out of control and scattered. What you read can take charge of you instead of you taking charge of what you read. One way…

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5-Part Bible Reading Plan for Church Planters

For this season of life I've come up with a 5-part Bible reading plan that's tailored to what God has called me to do as a church planter. Every morning I work through 5 different chapters of the Bible. 1.…

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