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Insufficient Sufficiency

Americans like to be good at everything and have everything together. This cultural value causes confusion and problems in the church. Many American Christians (myself included) can find themselves destructively, unconsciously mixing this self-sufficiency value with biblical truth. The result…

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4 Words That Impact Everything

The Bible begins with four powerful words that affect everything: Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, God. . .” This is Act 1 of the Bible. Act 1 is about God. Every act of the Big Story is mainly about God…

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The 1 Thing God Exalts

God is in the business of opposing and exalting, of bringing down and lifting up. There is one thing that the Scriptures say God exalts and lifts up. It's not talent. It's not effort. It's not having it all together.…

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How to Have a Merry Christmas

We all want to have a Merry Christmas. But many factors can sabotage the merriness we desire. I recognize this danger for myself. So, what follows is my pursuit of merriness: six ways I'm practicing my way towards a more…

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Buzzard’s Best Books of 2016

Here is my annual list (see the link at the bottom for past year’s lists). These are not necessarily books published in 2016, but the books I read in 2016 that I benefitted from or enjoyed the most. You Are…

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The God Who Disturbs You & Frees You

Have you ever read a book that changed your life? Sometimes it doesn’t take a whole book, but just a sentence to change your life. When I was twenty years old I asked for cash for Christmas, but instead my…

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