Life isn’t a problem to solve,
it’s an adventure to live.

Don't Worry About Your Life, Live Your Life

WORRY: (Verb) "to give way to anxiety or unease; to allow one's mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles, real or imagined." Beware of the growing trend of worrying about your life instead of living your life. Let's take an initial inventory of your relationship with worry. Answer the following…

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Making Sense of Your Desires, Dreams, and Disappointments

What sort of story are we in? Throughout the ages people have given many different answers to this question. Your neighbors, coworkers, and local bookstore all offer different answers to our question. If you filled the room you’re in right now with a mixture of both atheists and deeply religious…

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Making a Comeback, Part 4

Start here: Making A Comeback, Part 3. You've accomplished step 3, you now have a few clear goals on the horizon that you're moving towards. You know where you're going. Now, you get to figure out how you're going to get there. Step 4 of Making a Comeback: Decide Your…

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Justin Buzzard

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Justin is an explorer, pastor, and writer in Silicon Valley. Buzzard’s passion is exploring God’s world with friends and helping people live a meaningful adventure. He serves as lead pastor of Garden City Church, which he started in 2011. is where he writes about what he’s excited and curious about, in hopes of inspiring and helping others.

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