Life isn’t a problem to solve,
it’s an adventure to live.

Regret & Hope

My relationship with poetry is spontaneous, infrequent, sudden. Thoughts and feelings swell inside at unexpected times, and I find myself quickly scribbling lines (or sometimes pages) of poetry in the back of books or nearby scrap paper. Today I came across this scribble (I think it to be 3-5 months…

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Be True to Your True Self And False to Your False Self

John Stott's classic, The Cross of Christ, profoundly shaped me when I first read it in college. Below is one of my favorite portions of the book, a quote which you might want to pin up somewhere as you continue the journey of becoming who God has created and redeemed…

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The Power of Place

Physical place is powerful. Our digital age tempts us to believe otherwise, to think place plays a minor role in communication. This is not true. I can argue this point in a hundred ways. Here I'll make my case with one example: a story told in two different locations. A…

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Justin Buzzard

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Justin is an explorer, pastor, and writer in Silicon Valley. Buzzard’s passion is exploring God’s world with friends and helping people live a meaningful adventure. He serves as lead pastor of Garden City Church, which he started in 2011. is where he writes about what he’s excited and curious about, in hopes of inspiring and helping others.

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