Life isn’t a problem to solve,
it’s an adventure to live.

Don't Have Meetings, Have Relationships

Just like you, I have a lot of meetings on my calendar. For the most part I don't like meetings. So, I have a lot of what I don't like on my calendar. The other day I had a thought: What if instead of having meetings, I had relationships? I…

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Feel it First, Fix it Second

I'm a pastor. This means that people come to me with their problems. Whatever you do, you probably face your fair share of people coming to you with problems and need a wise approach for handling these situations. Our natural instinct is to fix problems. Problems need fixing and solving.…

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Insufficient Sufficiency

Americans like to be good at everything and have everything together. This cultural value causes confusion and problems in the church. Many American Christians (myself included) can find themselves destructively, unconsciously mixing this self-sufficiency value with biblical truth. The result is belief in and bondage to a lie: that God…

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Justin is an explorer, pastor, and writer in Silicon Valley. Buzzard’s passion is exploring God’s world with friends and helping people live a meaningful adventure. He serves as lead pastor of Garden City Church, which he started in 2011. is where he writes about what he’s excited and curious about, in hopes of inspiring and helping others.

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