Life isn’t a problem to solve,
it’s an adventure to live.

Making A Comeback, Part 2

Start here: Making A Comeback, Part 1. You've taken the important first step, you've faced reality. You are now aware of how un-ideal/unhealthy/atrophied/bad/uncomfortable/etc. your current condition or position is. Now you're ready for Step #2. Step 2 of Making a Comeback: Define Your Desire Desire is stronger than everything else--will power,…

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Making a Comeback, Part 1

  At some point in life you will face the opportunity to make a comeback. I don't know what kind of comeback you need to make, but I want to help you. I'm currently mounting a comeback after a painful setback in my life. As I navigate this comeback I…

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2 Ways to Live: Entitlement vs. Enjoyment Checklist

You have two options for approaching today and living the rest of your life: Entitlement, or Enjoyment. These are two very different ways to live. Use this checklist to see how you're living. ENTITLEMENT "I deserve better. I'm not happy." Consumed by anxiety, fear, and striving. Rarely fully present, always…

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Justin is an explorer, pastor, and writer in Silicon Valley. Buzzard’s passion is exploring God’s world with friends and helping people live a meaningful adventure. He serves as lead pastor of Garden City Church, which he started in 2011. is where he writes about what he’s excited and curious about, in hopes of inspiring and helping others.

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