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Live the adventure of childlike trust.

Live the adventure of childlike trust & flourishing

Make This New Year About What You Receive, Not What You Achieve

Today's the first day of a new year. The past is behind you and a wide open future is before you. You've set your goals. You've made your resolutions. You're ready to achieve! Good. I'm for it. But, be careful... When December 31st shows up again, and when your last…

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Buzzard’s Best Books of 2017

This was a good year of exploring, learning, and growing through reading. As always, this is not necessarily a list of books published in 2017, but a list of the books I read in 2017 that I profited from and enjoyed the most. See the bottom of this post for…

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How to Imperfectly Disciple Your Kids, Part 3: Presence

Start here → How to Imperfectly Disciple Your Kids, Part 1: Definitions. We've established definitions and unearthed the power of desire, the engine that drives disciple-making. Now we discuss presence. Simply put: your kids need your presence. Never underestimate the power of presence. All day long your kids are absorbing your…

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Justin Buzzard

Justin Buzzard is a pastor, author, and entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He helps adults live the adventure of childlike trust and life-giving impact.

Learn more about Justin, and why to risk instead of rust.

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